Our menu

Chips (V) 5€
Waffle Fries (V) 5€
Onion Rings (V) 7€

6 pcs of beer battered onion rings served with Ruby’s house mayo.
Mozzarella Sticks 8€
6 pcs of mozzarella sticks served with garlic mayo.
Blue Cheese Balls (L) 7€
3 pcs of beer-battered blue cheece balls served with smoky jalapeno mayo.
Halloumi Sticks (LL) 9€
Crispy halloumi sticks with chili mayo.
Surf ‘n’ Turf (L) 15€
Crispy fries with pulled pork, prawns, smoky jalapeno mayo, avocado, spring onions and chili. Vegan option is also available upon request!

Ask the staff about allergens and gluten free options.
G = Gluten free L = Lactose free LL = Low lactose V = Vegan

Hot Wings are served with carrot and cucumber sticks and blue cheece dip.
Cauliflower Wings (V,G)
8 pcs 11,90€
12 pcs 14,90€
Hot Wings (L)
8 pcs 9,20€
12 pcs 13,20€
16 pcs 15,90€
20 pcs 18,90€
Poppamies mild, medium, hot or house buffalo sauce.

Spice up your wings with parmesan or blue cheese +2€.

Protein Basket (VL) 18€
Fried halloumi, carrot and cucumber sticks, pickles, juicy chicken breast, fruits and berries. Served with chunky mangoraja mayo and chili mayo.
Loaded Basket 26€
Fried halloumi, waffle fries, carrot and cucumber sticks, pickles, battered chicken, mozzarella sticks, blue cheese balls and onion rings. Served with chili and garlic mayo.

Ruby’s Ribs (L, G) 29€
Juicy pork ribs, chips and Ruby’s house mayo. Choose either chili glaze or Smoky BBQ sauce.
Tofu & Chips (V) 19€
Beer battered tofu, chips, pickles and lemon with vegan garlic mayo.
Fish & Chips (L) 21€
Beer battered haddock, chips, pickles and lemon with Ruby’s house mayo.

Blue Chick (L) 14€
Ruby’s very own blue cheese bread with chicken breast, chunky mangoraja mayo, romaine lettuce and blue cheese.
BBQ Piglet (L) 14€
Ruby’s rosemary bread with Smoky BBQ pulled pork, romaine lettuce, garlic mayo and crispy bacon.
Greenie (V) 14€
Ruby’s rosemary bread with avocado, crispy tofu, romaine lettuce and vegan herb mayo.
Holy Crab! (L) 14€
Ruby’s rosemary bread, chili flavored cream cheese, prawns, romaine lettuce, garlic mayo and Ruby’s chili oil.

All burgers are served with chips.
Goat Chick Burger (VL) 19€
Juicy chicken breast, goat cheese, lettuce, pickled red onions, chili flavored cream cheese and Ruby’s house mayo.
Sorrowhearts Burger 19€
Green bun with a beef patty, double cheddar, smoky jalapeno mayo, caramelized onion, pickles and chili mayo.
Ruby Burger (L) 19€
Green bun with beef patty, fear amount of blue cheese, pickled red onion and house mayo.
Fellas Burger 19€
Potato bun, 80 g smash patty, house mayo, crispy bacon, cheddar, pickles and pickled red onion.
Double Smash Burger 22€
Potato bun, 2 x 80 g smash patty, blue cheese, garlic ja chili mayo, spicy jam, caramelized onion and pickles.
Halloumi Burger (VL) 19€
Fresh halloumi burger with chunky mangoraja mayo, pickled red onion and arugula.
Veggie Burger (V) 19€
Ruby’s very own vegetable patty with vegan garlic mayo, lettuce, pickles and pickled red onion.

Ruby’s Greens 18€

Lettuce, arugula, pickled onion, avocado, cucumber, raddish and strawberries seasoned with Ruby’s herbal oil. Choose either marinated tofu (L), goat cheese (LL), chicken breast (L,G) or halloumi (LL).
Ruby’s Caesar 19€
Romaine lettuce, Ruby’s own caesar sauce, parmesan and croutons. Choose either prawns or chicken breast.

Ice Cream 6€

Ask the staff about the changing flavours!

DIPS (L, G) á 2€
Ruby house mayo
Smoky jalapeno
Blue cheese
Smoky BBQ
Chunky mangoraja
Vegan garlic mayo (V)
Vegan herb mayo (V)